CourtQuant: CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

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Čo hľadáme / Our requirements

Job content
The new CTO will:

  • Develop technical aspects of the company’s strategy, above all its AI architecture, by increasing its predictive accuracy, expanding its applicability to wider areas of law and adding new analytical features to the platform
  • Maintain the current AI model and ensuring the platform is ready for potential clients
  • Create a long-term strategy which defines the future evolution of the product
  • Manage a team of developers and being responsible for project delivery

Job requirements

The new CTO will have experience with:

  1. Designing, building and deploying AI/ML projects (ideally in the context of document classification or prediction)
  2. Commonly used packages and frameworks of Python, including Tensorflow, Keras, scikit-learn, h5py, NumPy and SciPy
  3. Experience in one or more of the following areas: web crawling, data mining, natural language processing
  4. Project management in terms of creating and maintaining a strategy for the technology as well as managing teams of developers

Additionally, candidates would benefit from having experience with deploying solutions to the cloud using AWS or Google Cloud.

Čo ponúkame / Our offer

Key opportunities

The new CTO will:

  • Help improve access to justice by bringing transparency to justice system
  • Be at the forefront of innovation in the legal industry and directly impact the way global businesses such as litigation funders or insurance companies tackle legal problems
  • Own an equity stake in an early stage startup that already generates revenue
  • Work in a dynamic and challenging startup environment in a small team of 3 co-founders and access to senior advisors

About us

CourtQuant uses artificial intelligence and big data to analyse legal cases. We are a fast-growing company (based in London and Bratislava) providing first-of-its-kind legal analytics platform to business entities. Our aim is to increase transparency in the legal sector and improve access to justice. Our SaaS platform predicts settlements, outcomes, timelines, awards and costs of real cases. We also provide useful insights about all the parties involved. Currently, our main client groups are litigation funders, insurance companies and law firms. We have paying clients from each of the industries (with 6 digits revenue in total) and we are planning to raise £2M within the next 9 months.

The vision is to increase transparency in the legal sector and improve access to justice. The judicial system is non-transparent, despite being well predictable. It is very hard for a litigant to estimate the chances of winning, the award or the duration of the process. Given that there is no data on lawyers‘ performance, it is impossible to choose the best possible legal representation. The inability to predict the outcome floods courts with irrelevant cases. We solve the problem by allowing a high number of individuals to access an enhanced analysis. Further, high litigation costs discourage taking disputes to courts. Our tech allows litigation funders to move into lower value claims market and directly help ordinary people fund their cases and access justice.