GymBeam: E-commerce and social media content internship

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Výzva, ktorú v organizácii riešime / Challenge we are facing

Your responsibilities:

  • Collaborate on an integrated group intern project.
  • Assist with daily administrative duties.
  • This role is a good mixture of team brainstorming/work and individual work product.
  • Learn about processes in company.
  • Draft and edit work with professional colleagues.
  • Assist your assigned team with special projects.

Koho hľadáme / Our requirements

  • Be driven to succeed and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Be proficient in time management, setting priorities, and taking an initiative.
  • Familiarity with marketing computer software and social media platforms.
  • Good understanding of the latest marketing trends and techniques.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Must have a passion for marketing.

Preferovaný odbor štúdia

  • Ekonomické a právne vedy
    • Podnikanie
    • Manažment
  • Marketing, komunikácia, médiá
    • Marketing
    • Mediálne a komunikačné štúdiá

Znalosť jazykov / Language requirements

  • Anglický jazyk: B2

Digitálne zručnosti / Digital skills required

Not Applicable

Pracovné preferencie

  • Rola zahŕňa málo, až žiadny kontakt s klientom.
  • Rola vyžaduje, schopnosť do veľkej miery pracovať na úlohách samostatne.
  • Rola vyžaduje prácu na viacerých zadaniach naraz.
  • Rola ponúka dynamickosť a možnosť tvoriť procesy za chodu.
  • Rola ponúka príležitosť vymýšľať nové návrhy/koncepty/stratégie.

Prečo si vybrať práve nás / Why choose us

We are growing fast and your career might mirror this speed if you are keen to join GymBeam. Whether you are an IT specialist, Marketing Associate, Sales oriented person, Data analytics lover or you just like to move around clients, their support and internal company operations – we have many roles open and hiring currently almost in all our departments! GymBeam offers exciting career path and opportunities with very supportive and professional leadership team to mentor you on your way to success.
Client first, Constant Growth, Hard Work, Innovation through new technologies, Great Team –  These are the 5 values defining what we believe in, how we work and they are a key part of our ongoing success. We are looking for new talents that are aligned with our company values and are willing to help us to build one of the fastest growing eCommerce project in Europe.

O organizácii a našom poslaní / About organisation and our purpose

Gymbeam is an international company from its very beginning. Currently operating on 8 markets in Europe, GymBeam is one of the fastest growing e-commerce projects in CEE region. We are experts in sports nutrition, healthy functional food and sports accessories. We are producer of 3 our brands and another 400+ products. In our e-shop resells also more than 9000 products of 120 brands. We serve over 2 million customers and this base is growing exponentially.