IPM LLP: Internship

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Výzva, ktorú v organizácii riešime / Challenge we are facing

Among others, your main responsibilities would be to:
– Analyse investment opportunities;
– Prepare presentations for the management;
– Help to create and put in writing a long-term investment strategy;
– Work on a standardised process of Due Diligence on the investment opportunities;
– Organise investor reference calls and prepare minutes of the calls.

Koho hľadáme / Our requirements

Key attributes we would look for:
1.      Enthusiasm about financial markets and private equity;
2.      Basic numerical, analytical and critical thinking skills;
3.      Intellectual curiosity and willingness to learn from the best industry resources;
4.      Communication skills (SVK/ENG), verbal and written;
5.      Solid command of Microsoft Office ;

Preferovaný odbor štúdia

  • Ekonomické a právne vedy
    • Financie
  • Marketing, komunikácia, médiá
    • Marketing

Znalosť jazykov / Language requirements

  • Anglický jazyk: C1

Digitálne zručnosti / Digital skills required

Not Applicable

Pracovné preferencie

  • Rola zahŕňa málo, až žiadny kontakt s klientom.
  • Rola vyžaduje, schopnosť do veľkej miery pracovať na úlohách samostatne.
  • Rola vyžaduje prácu na viacerých zadaniach naraz.
  • Rola ponúka dynamickosť a možnosť tvoriť procesy za chodu.
  • Rola ponúka príležitosť implementovať nové návrhy/koncepty/stratégie.

Prečo si vybrať práve nás / Why choose us

The successful candidate would hope to gain:
1. Exposure to an absolutely unique experience in Slovakia / Bratislava space;
2. Exposure to the most exclusive  global investment opportunities and to successful stories of serial entrepreneurs from around the globe;
3. Exosure to various asset classes;
4. Friendly and experienced colleagues to interact with and learn from;
5. Personalised feedbacks from the Management;
6. One of a kind experience qualifying you for the next big adventure in your life;
7. Reference from the Manager (if satisfied with your work).

O organizácii a našom poslaní / About organisation and our purpose


IPM Group is a global asset and wealth manager with more than one billion US dollars in assets under management. IPM is pioneer in the InfraTech sector, investing at the cross-section of the infrastructure real asset and technology worlds (in energy, mobility and AI-enabled critical infrastructure). Our portfolio includes large-scale infrastructure projects, including LNG terminals in France and Chile and hospitals in Turkey, as well as a number of ground-breaking technolgical companies in Silicon Valley and Europe, including Tachyum, InoBat, GA Drilling, ESS and many others. At IPM we aim to create a positive economic impact and long-term value for our clients, the companies we invest in, and the communities in which we work. Our goal is to foster the growth of innovation ecosystem and together with our like-minded partners, we aspire to create a complex value chain that will have a positive impact on the world around us, creating a sustainable future for the next generations.