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Vacuumlabs: Software engineer

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Výzva, ktorú v organizácii riešime / Challenge we are facing

We are always looking for bright minds to join us, regardless of their experience or tech stack they use.

We strive to to work on cutting edge technology to create global fintech innovation, experiment with blockchain-based products and socially responsible projects.

We operate in Bratislava, Košice, Prague, Brno, and Budapest. Working remotely is an option too.

Koho hľadáme / Our requirements

As software engineer you will:

  • Work on either backend or frontend (or both) depending on your preference.
  • Use technologies from tech stacks we use to develop various parts of the software independently or under
  • supervision (depending on your experience).
  • Peer review your colleagues’ code to sustain high quality
  • Lead your junior colleagues if you are on more experienced position.
  • Optionally, you can have space to prepare and present talks.

Znalosť jazykov / Language requirements

  • Anglický jazyk: B2

Digitálne zručnosti / Digital skills required

Not Applicable

Pracovné preferencie

  • Rola zahŕňa veľa kontaktu s klientom.
  • Rola vyžaduje tímovú spoluprácu na úlohách.
  • Rola vyžaduje prácu na jednom zadaní v jednom čase.
  • Rola ponúka dynamickosť a možnosť tvoriť procesy za chodu.
  • Rola ponúka príležitosť vymýšľať nové návrhy/koncepty/stratégie.

Prečo si vybrať práve nás / Why choose us

You will find yourself in a highly inspirational environment, surrounded by people who belong to the top percentile of the regional talent.

Beside that there are couple benefits worth mentioning

Sharing the company
We believe everyone wants to spend their productive years working on something that’s theirs, too. That’s why you earn shares of the company after the first year. Seniors earn shares from day one.

Transparent salaries & quarterly reevaluation
We base salary on experience and talent. Everyone sees the salaries of other colleagues. Even the executive management compensation is public.

Self-education package
You have 15 paid days a year to learn new things or attend a conference or a course.

Paid overtime
Overtimes are exceptional and always paid in full.

Free lunch & all-day catering
We’re hungry for knowledge, but not for food. All-day catering is a standard for us.

Unlimited paid sick days
Your health is important to us, so stay in bed as long as you need to.

O organizácii a našom poslaní / About organisation and our purpose

Who we are:

We’re Vacuumlabs, a design and development partner. As a highly experienced with the latest technologies across multiple industries, we are expanding at enormous pace.
We focus on fintech, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies. People here are eager to improve things around us, learn new things and innovate.
We work hard to bring the technology of the 21st century to the banking industry. Cryptocurrencies are the future, that’s why we’ve created the safest crypto wallet for world’s 7th biggest cryptocurrency ever—Cardano.
We are searching especially for people, who aren’t afraid of autonomy and responsibility. Workers who are eager to learn new things and getting better at what they do.

Tech stacks we use:

On the backend, we use Clojure, Python, Kotlin, or JavaScript, and on the frontend, we use React. For mobiles and desktops, it’s React Native.
We’re conservative with databases, and we lean towards ACID transactional databases such as PostgreSQL, or the immutable Datomic. However, when you need a high write performance, hardly anything beats a well-tuned DynamoDB.

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