HubHub – Front Desk Associate (Intern)

About the role
We are looking for a talented and passionate Intern – Front Desk Associate. This part time or full-time position will report directly to the Community Manager and will allow for the individual to be a part of the most innovative space in the country. Our internship program is on rotational basis: 3 months at front-desk combined with job shadowing of a full-time HubHub member. Being part of the HubHub will allow for the individual to get to know the local startup and corporate ecosystem, get a free membership in the coolest cowork and to create a lifelong network.


Experience and Requirements

  • Customer Service and/or sales experience is a plus
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills are a must
  • Proficiency in English and Slovak is a must
  • Exceptional organizational and multitasking skills
  • High level of integrity, dependability, responsibility, accountability, self-awareness, work ethic, and empathy
  • Passion for entrepreneurial communities
  • Ability to work well in teams and individually
  • Motivation and drive to achieve goals
  • Proficiency in Basic Computer Skills
  • Positive oriented demeanor is a must


Project objectives and outputs


The Intern will support the Community Manager to achieve the following:

  • Creating a collaborative community environment amongst our members through events and building relationships between members
  • Ensuring that HubHub is fully operational and processes are running smoothly
  • Building trust across the organization by being a good listener and working with feedback from members to improve the space and operations
  • Grow as an individual with potential to join our team full-time

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Be the first and last point of contact for the HubHub
  • Greet people who come in for tours, check-in members track walk-ins, schedule tours, and send confirmation
  • Work on community initiatives designed to develop connections between members, including member introductions, event support, email and print communications
  • Conduct building walkthroughs and embrace the HubHub spirit
  • Solve member related issues to ensure a cohesive community
  • Assist with move ins and move outs; assist with building operations and maintenance to ensure highest level of member experience
  • Ensuring members have smooth experience and that the space is kept at high standards
  • Mail and Deliveries responsibilities as needed

Selection process

HubHub will be selecting from candidates recommended by LEAF based on CV and cover letter. Selected applicants will be asked to take part in Skype interview with Operations Manager and Head of HubHub (if necessary).


About HubHub
HubHub is the place where the worlds collide and create value for all those involved. We are entrepreneurs. We gather our resources, change directions and march things forward. Powered by HBReavis, we combine experience and skill of corporations; innovation, vision and enthusiasm of growing businesess and uncomparable intellectual rudiment of students. Harnessing the true momentum of our time, when a good execution separates successful entrepreneurs from the rest.  Step with us in to the age of opportunity and let us walk side by side, let us make mistakes and learn from them, help each other along the way with spirit and passion of true pioneers. Space for imagination is limitless. Space for your growing business is not. Well, was not, until now. We offer the full package of co-working space. Ecosystem in which all benefit from each other, because why only win – when you can win win. Why hub – when you can hub hub?



Pre nadaných stredoškolákov:
Hľadáme, prepájame a podporujeme v rozvoji aktívnych, motivovaných a talentovaných študentov prostredníctvom širokej ponuky medzinárodných kempov alebo mentoring programu TalentGuide. LEAF tiež podporuje vznik medzinárodnej strednej školy internátneho typu, ktorá bude zameraná na rozvoj charakteru a líderstva v kontexte regiónu strednej Európy.
Pre učiteľov:
Rozvíjame učiteľov stredných škôl s cieľom zabezpečiť vysokú kvalitu vybraných súčasných učiteľov (napr. formou individuálneho rozvojového programu učiteľov), ako i prilákať osobnosti z mimoškolského prostredia k učiteľstvu (napr. ponukou zahraničných učiteľských stáží).
Pre Slovákov v zahraničí:
Vytvárame príležitosti (práca a stáže, štipendiá a dobrovoľníctvo, komunita) pre rozvoj mladých nadaných Slovákov v zahraničí, ich prepájanie so Slovenskom a návrat domov.
Pre dobrovoľníkov:
Poskytujeme mladým profesionálom príležitosti pre rozvoj a angažovanosť prostredníctvom ich pomoci neziskovým organizáciám či sociálnym podnikateľom.


Sme nezisková mimovládna organizácia zameraná na rozvoj mladých ľudí s potenciálom vyrásť na osobnosti rozvíjajúce Slovensko. Navštívte našu hlavnú stránku.