Exponea: GO ENGINEER (Data Pipeline Team)

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We are Exponea, an internationally renowned e-commerce cloud – a tool for in-depth analysis and marketing automation for businesses. We work with global e-commerce leaders and other top companies from all over the world.

We’re currently expanding our Data Pipeline team, and looking for a new Go Engineer.

Čo hľadáme / Our requirements

Our team:

The Data Pipeline team ensures that our clients’ data is correctly transferred to Exponea and be retrieved as needed.

Dragons that we need to tame include:

  • APIs request handling from billions of devices
  • Stream processing – design and implement services using many Kubernetes workers
  • Persistent storage – databases that need to store the requests as long as necessary
  • As a watchful eye might have realized already, our main focus areas are stability, scalability, security and peace of mind, without alerts in the middle of the night.

What you might like about this role:

Current Data Pipeline Projects and challenges:

  •  Rewrite components of our pipeline to be more robust and scalable
  •  Introduce Quality of Service guarantees
  •  Increase throughput of data imports and exports

Our tech stack:

  • Python, Go,
  • Apache Kafka,
  • Kubernetes,
  • Prometheus,
  • MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch
  • GCP

What we expect of the candidate:

We’re looking for someone who has (must/nice to have) experience with:

  • Experience with Go [resp. Python]
  • Experience with distributed databases
  • Experience with low-level optimizations
  • Experience with Kafka
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Team spirit

Čo ponúkame / Our offer

What you might like about Exponea:

  • great deal of freedom and trust. At Exponea we don’t clock in and out, and we have neither corporate rules nor long approval processes. We are interested in results from day one. The freedom goes hand in hand with responsibility.
  • Learning, personal development and professional growth.
  • Entrepreneurship and leadership lessons. You will gather valuable know-how for your own business. Our CEO Peter Irikovský’s goal is to support our people in starting their own successful businesses. Easier done with the money and know-how you will have obtained here. (Read more of what Luna, our E-Commerce Growth Specialist has learnt about growing a business).
  • Flexible working hours. Remote work and home office are possible.
  • Reward based on your commitment and capabilities.
  • Possibility to co-own the company through employee share program.
  • An easy-to-access downtown office.
  • Coaching sessions with our communication and talent development expert, Ivo Večeřa.
  • An array of fringe benefits including hardware (pick the machine and tools you like), books, gym classes, language classes.
  • Free lunches in Exponea Foodie Club restaurants; fresh fruit in the office every day.
  • Travel insurance also for personal purposes.
  • Friendly atmosphere and motivated colleagues who like what they do.   

About us:

Exponea is a fast growing SaaS company in marketing automation and advanced data analytics. With offices and customers in many countries, the company spans the globe. The team works with multiple sectors, including e-commerce, banking, and telco, enabling sustainable growth for market leaders, such as Victoria Beckham, Missguided, T-Mobile, Sygic, and many others. Learn more about Exponea.

Get a glimpse of life at Exponea and meet your future colleagues (Facebook Page Exponea Society or Instagram).