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SEC Technologies: Engineer & Scientist

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Výzva, ktorú v organizácii riešime / Challenge we are facing

●      Mechatronics design and production – design and develop improvements for the existing products and for new products
●      Optoelectronic design –  design and improvements of optical elements of our detectors
●      Laser design and production – design and improvement of tune-able CO2 lasers
●      Software development – software both for PC for control of our detectors, smart algorithms for scanning of environment and software for internal processors in our detectors

Koho hľadáme / Our requirements

●      You are the best, you stick-out from your peers
●      You want to work for a Slovak company that is the top player in the industry
●      You are driven, result oriented, and have a strong desire for impact
●      You love technology and have technical background
●      Your English is excellent
●      You are responsible, willing to learn, to work hard and to play hard
●      You want to disrupt status quo of the industry

Znalosť jazykov / Language requirements

  • Anglický jazyk: B2

Digitálne zručnosti / Digital skills required

Not Applicable

Pracovné preferencie

  • Rola zahŕňa veľa kontaktu s klientom.
  • Rola vyžaduje tímovú spoluprácu na úlohách.
  • Rola vyžaduje prácu na viacerých zadaniach naraz.
  • Rola ponúka dynamickosť a možnosť tvoriť procesy za chodu.
  • Rola ponúka príležitosť vymýšľať nové návrhy/koncepty/stratégie.

Prečo si vybrať práve nás / Why choose us

SEC Technologies, s.r.o. is a global leader in the industry born in Slovakia. Working with us is demanding and it is not for everybody, only for the toughest candidates, but the regard is steep learning curve and opportunity to shape the global CBRN industry.

O organizácii a našom poslaní / About organisation and our purpose

SEC Technologies, s.r.o. is a pioneer in active stand-off detection of chemical and biological warfare agents. Our flagship product outperforms the-state-of-the-art solutions by a factor 30x.
For more information visit www.sec-technologies.com