O programe pre partnerov

We are a part of LEAF, a non-profit organisation focused on developing individuals with the potential to grow into shapers of Slovakia demonstrating:

  • Ethics
  • Excellence
  • Entrepreneurial leadership
  • Civic engagement

Our vision is to help Slovakia reach its full potential through supporting leaders in both private and public sector.

Slovak Professionals Abroad Program (SPAP) at LEAF seeks to create and strengthen the link between Slovak university students and professionals abroad and Slovakia through opportunities that are meaningful and can help them grow, both personally and professionally.


SPAP activities towards Slovaks abroad

  • DISTANCE opportunities for diaspora to be engaged in Slovakia
  • NETWORK building among Slovak diaspora and returnees

Your gain

  • People: access to talented pre-screened candidates with international experience, community support and program for employees hired through SPAP program
  • Purpose:  membership of a community of like-minded companies who want to contribute to our brain-circulation efforts and mitigate brain-drain
  • Capacity building: know-how sharing on topics such as ethics, entrepreneurial leadership and digital innovations
  • Innovation: access to new ideas, long term partnership with LEAF providing cooperation and aid in various areas
  • Marketing/positioning on the market



Target groups: 

1) University students and junior professionals  

2) Experienced professionals  



1)    Activities towards university students and junior professionals – Internships and graduate program

Role of LEAF

  • Advisory when designing job description
  • Promotion and marketing of the job opportunities portfolio, creation of supporting content
  • Pre-selection based on LEAF methodology and Big 5 testing
    Follow-up activities to increase the likelihood that the candidate has a positive experience with Slovakia

LEAF provides identification of potential candidates, the initial screening (review of applications, interviews) and shortlists candidates based on LEAF methodology and Big 5 testing. LEAF does not assess the technical competency and personal fit for the positions.

Expectations towards partner companies and institutions

  • Provision of job opportunity that takes into account the following best practices
  • Offer supportive work environment
  • Ensure regular feedback
  • Offer exposure to senior management
  • Immerse the intern/employee into company’s culture
  • Provide financial compensation
  • Provide tangible and intellectually challenging project / task
  • Commitment to offer a full-time job after an internship is a strong advantage
  • Consult LEAF representatives concerning the job description and the selection process
  • Assess all shortlisted candidates and inform them of your decision, both positive or negative – if no candidate succeeds to meet your expectations, you are not expected to hire somebody
  • Upon agreement with the candidate, set the length (internship) or the date of commencement (full time employment)
  • Provide SPAP with your decision and feedback on: a) the selection process; b) on cooperation with the candidate


  • Participation in the promotion of the opportunity and the campaign/program as such
  • Cooperation with SPAP on other activities, such as community program for participants (workshop, skill sharing, events etc.)

Final recommendations

  • Internship should last at least 2 months
  • Job Shadowing should last 2 weeks
  • Mentor or head of department/organization should be present when internship takes place
  • Internship should be consistent – it should last for a specific time without interruption (even if the intern desires so)
  • Attend an introductory meeting for partners, that will take place in spring/summer

2) Activities towards Experienced professionals

Unlike in our graduate program, our work with experienced professionals is wider, as more factors are relevant in their decision to return to Slovakia. We offer advice to Slovaks that are considering return. Furthermore, we work to improve their perception of Slovakia as a country where they and their families can live a good life.

Role of LEAF

  • Advisory to partners when designing job descriptions
  • Promotion and marketing of the job opportunities portfolio and creation of supporting content
  • Informing partners about high-potential candidates considering return, that might be relevant for their business
  • Follow-up activities to increase the likelihood that the candidate has a positive experience with Slovakia


Project „VRÁŤ SA!“ aims to contribute to a higher competitiveness of companies and the quality of public sector in Slovakia by facilitating the return of high quality and ethical Slovaks from abroad.

Project aims to go beyond a traditional job search engine. Our goal is to improve perception of Slovaks abroad about Slovakia, offer them practical information about their return and provide a quality career pool for them. This will be achieved through three funnels – awareness, engagement and return

For more information about the campaign please visit https://www.vratsa.sk/.